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Okay, so I've recently deleted pretty much everything I wrote on el jay, minus the two stories below.

The reason I have left these two are because:

One cannot be removed (it was posted for a challenge by another account)

The other... I don't have the heart to because people had actually taken the time to nominate and vote for this story in a way that really touched me, so for that and that reason alone I shall leave it up. &hearts

They're both practically gen stories. Yay! No more embarrassment! =D

I might relay a list of everything I wrote in this entry just for the sake of reference (I don't really know what purpose it would serve... maybe someone may have read something I wrote long ago and suddenly found it gone and maybemaybemaybe that person needs some sort of confirmation that she is not hallucinating and that the work in question whatever that might be did exist on this site at one point in time). I saved a copy of the web pages so they still are viewable in the way they once where, but the main reason why I removed pretty much everything I wrote off the site is due to embarrassment. Mainly due to the fact that I'm embarrassed about some of the content, but also the fact that it was RPS in general. Maybe it's a dumb reason, but it is what it is. *Embarrassed blush*

I'm still planning on using this account to explore/read/comment for the time being, but I may abandon this account and start a new one. I'm still contemplating my next move on this site (if there are any at all).

But again, I want to thank everyone who read/commented on my stories. I still have those comments saved and I'm very grateful for them!

*Burrows self into the wonderful Land of Anon*

Matters of the Heart
Type of Fandom: ATP Tennis
Genre: General/Family/Romance
Pairing: Marat Safin/Rafael Nadal
Rating: PG

Summary: With the help of Marat’s home-cooked meal, Rafa comes out to his mother and sister.
Date: July 1, 2009

The Rainmaker Maketh

Type of Fandom: ATP Tennis
Genre: General(/Friendship/Romance)
Pairing: Novak Djokovic/Ernests Gulbis preslash
Rating: PG
Nothing is mine and everything is fake.
One of Novak’s and Ernie’s pranks at the tennis academy goes inexplicably wrong and they find themselves trapped outside overnight.
Date: September 29, 2008
12th-Nov-2010 10:33 pm(no subject)
I doubt anyone will notice, but I did purge all my hockey-related fics from el jay*.

I had been considering doing this for a while. The only reason why I didn't do it sooner was because I wanted to keep all the nice comments that everyone took the time to leave on my fics, because I really do appreciate the time these people took to read and respond to my stories. I only figured out recently (ie. like an hour ago) that you could actually save web pages (I'm an internet noob, I know) so I did save them in their current state before I started deleting everything.

I would have purged all my fics but there are a few tennis ones I can't remove, so I decided just to keep all the tennis ones remaining because I'm too lazy to figure out what to do with those, hehe**. Anyway, uh, if you did read my hockey stuff before and liked it, thanks and I appreciate your patronage. :D

I also decided to remove the (few, lol) people that I friended on el jay. I'm sorry, it's nothing personal. I'm just trying to burrow myself underground so that no one can find me, because I think at least one irl person will eventually track me down (or already has, dooi) and I don't think I could ever live it down.

But thanks for friending me, and I enjoyed our interaction. If it's not too much trouble please remove me off your friend's list. Thanks!

*well, there are still the ones I have in my other account but I locked those to that they are only viewable to myself
**and the tennis fics weren't as smutty (smuttiness and embarrassment have a strong correlation, bah) as the hockey ones, so less shame for me if someone did find them 0:D
23rd-Oct-2006 06:34 pm - First Entry
This account doesn't serve much purpose, except to interact with other members. I figured I should get an account because leaving comments anonymously was kind of annoying me. Other than that, I'm not blogging or using this to rant about my insignificant life.
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